What Do You Need In Replacement Windows?

You’ve probably learned over the course of your life that needs and wants are two very different things. While there might be certain things you want in your replacement windows in Clovis, CA when you get them, there are definitely things you need. You can have some of the things you want, or maybe even all of them, but you will definitely want to list the things you really need. Here are a few needs to consider:


Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons you are getting new windows in the first place is probably because you need further energy efficiency in your home. Your energy bills are too high because you are leaking air like crazy out of your windows. That lack of efficiency makes your home uncomfortable no matter what you do to the thermostat. Energy efficiency is something you absolutely must have in your new windows. The good news is that even standard replacement windows are going to be more efficient than your old windows. You can get even further efficiency with certain upgrades.



Safety is always key and replacement windows can enhance the safety within your home in a number of ways. First, they open and close easily, which is important if you ever need them in the event of an emergency. Just having windows that open easily (which maybe your old ones did not) can make a different. Second, you can get great new locking mechanisms on new windows that make them impossible to open from the outside, which keeps your home safer from intrusions. Third, new windows don’t slam shut, putting fingers in danger, like old ones may have. And also, new windows have thicker glass that is harder to break, which helps keep your family safe from intruders as well as accidents.



As much as you’d like to have an endless budget to spend on new windows and any other project you want to take on, that’s not reality. You have to have windows that fit into your budget. Vinyl windows are the most cost-effective material option since they cost the least and still give you a high-quality turnout. There are other things you can do to keep your project under whatever budget lines you have in mind and professionals can help you with that process.


There are plenty of things you want in your new replacement windows in Clovis, CA and with the help of Clovis Glass, you can likely have many of those wants satisfied. But, at the very least, we want to make sure you get what you really need for your home. Call us at (559) 299-2819 and we’ll start you out with a free consultation so we can get started down the right path. Then, you can come take a look at windows in person at 99 Sunnyside Ave Clovis, CA 93611 and look over ratings labels and styles as well as colors and hardware. You can get more details about us online at Clovisglass.com.