Replacement Windows—It’s Simple Economics

There are a lot of reasons to get replacement windows in Fresno, CA, but cost is always going to be a big part of it. While replacement windows cost money upfront, it’s important to realize that getting them could be the bigger economic benefit. How is that possible? Keep reading to find out!


Old windows often leak air, which means the energy you put into the house to make it comfortable leaks out and the air outside comes in with ease. When that stops and the windows seal up the house, that all stops. The temperature evens out and you stop wasting energy. You will feel the comfort levels rise first and then, when you get your next energy bill, you’ll notice relief there as well. The energy bills will go low and stay low, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget every month. You save money right away and well into the future. Plus, you can start to pay yourself back for the investment right away.


When you put new windows in, there are huge improvements in your house as a whole. It will look better both inside and out, which raises curb appeal. That takes your house to a new level if you sell it in the future. Plus, new windows are very valuable, and they inevitably raise the value of your home. If you sell in the future, your home looks more appealing and, in the background, is more valuable because of the windows. You can ask for more on the home than you would otherwise—and get it. You can get up to 80% of your investment back.


Once you look at the figures, you will notice that paying your high energy bills, constant maintenance and repair costs, and a low home value, just doesn’t make economic sense. If you want to do the best for your home, replacement windows are it. If you want to do the smart thing for your budget, it’s best to move forward with that project plan as well. It’s economics and will add lovely aesthetics, comfort, and plenty of other benefits to your home.


If you are ready to get replacement windows in Fresno, CA, because of economics or for any other reason, the professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you get the details in order. If you have a budget in mind, let us know what your parameters are and we’ll help you stay within them while getting the windows you want for your home. You can call us at (559) 299-2819 and we’ll guide you through the process on a step by step basis. You can also stop by and see the options in person within our showroom at 99 Sunnyside Ave, Clovis, CA 93611. Walking around can help you figure out your preferences, details you want on your home, and many other things. Seeing things in person and even playing with the windows a bit can do a lot towards your project’s end result.