Unique Replacement Windows For Your Style

You never cared that you weren’t supposed to wear white after labor day. You did it anyway! That’s your style and you’re sticking to it. If you enjoy unique things and details that make you stand out, you can get something similar in replacement windows in Fresno, CA. You don’t have to get plain, white windows like everyone else has. There are plenty of options and details that go into new windows and as the homeowner, you get to pick and choose between them until you get something completely unique for your home. Here are a few things you can do to get something unique that fits your style.

Go With Darker Frames

White and off-white are the most common options for frame colors. Vinyl windows used to only come in white, but today, there are plenty of other color options. To get something that looks more unique and stands out, go with black frames or another dark color that will contrast with the color of your home. This stunning look highlights your new windows and helps your house to stand out among others. The look you have from the curb is even fresher when you offer a striking contrast. It’s a popular style right now, but it’s also more unique than white and other neutral colors.

Add Windows To Your Windows

Windows are located in your house in a certain manner, but if you want more natural light and a more unique look, you could consider adding windows around the current locations. Put some tall, narrow windows around your casement banks of windows or place some circular windows above a picture window to make a unique statement that shows off your style in a whole new way. You get the light you want along with a unique look for your home, inside and out.

Striking Hardware

You get to choose every detail on the windows you put into your house, including the hardware. When you get hardware that stands out and looks great with your home and new windows, they can make the whole package look unique. If you have a certain style, you can showcase it through the hardware you choose. If you want a streamlined look, you can get hardware that blends into the window color as well.

There are lots of options to go around when you are looking at replacement windows in Fresno, CA. There are windows that look like things everyone has and there are unique options that stand out more. If you have a certain style, you can certainly find unique window options that will make your style shine and your home look fresh and new once again. Contact the professionals at Clovis Glass by calling (559) 299-2819 and we can help you put together the windows of your dreams in a unique manner. You can also visit us in our showroom at 99 Sunnyside Ave, Clovis, CA 93611 and we can show you around and help you choose the right options for your style and preferences.