Who Should You Ask About Replacement Windows?

IF your old windows are starting to fail and you know it’s only a matter of time before they cause real damage to your house, replacement windows in Fresno, CA become a topic of interest to you. But who should you ask about the process before you get serious about the project in your home? Here are a few suggestions.

Family Members/Friends Who Have Replaced Windows

Most homeowners have only had to replace windows on their homes once in their lifetime, so you may very well not know anyone who has gone through the process. But if you do know someone that has gotten replacement windows in the semi-near past, you can talk to them about what they did, how they made decisions, and where they got their information. Their recommendations can help you trust certain companies and advice moving ahead.

The Internet

Most people head straight to the computer whenever they need to find anything out about a topic they aren’t familiar with. And it’s a good place to start when you are looking into new windows. You can find out what Energy Star labels mean, what the rest of the ratings labels indicate, which companies in the area have experienced, and much more. This kind of research can help arm you with things you will want to know when you start the shopping process in a serious way.


If you have a contractor you trust that you have used for other jobs, you might pick their brain about new windows as well. They might have ideas that could work for your house or suggestions for window styles and upgrades that could suit your budget or home situation. Keep in mind that if these contractors aren’t window experts, their ideas might not be the absolute best. But if you trust their opinion, you can at least start off by talking to them.

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Window Professionals

Visiting the window store is always a good place to get great recommendations, answers to questions, and anything else you need. You can browse the store and take a look at window examples so close that you can even open and close them to get an idea of how they operate. You are welcome to look around and get answers on your own, but the experts are also on hand to answer questions whenever you are ready to ask them. It’s great to do some of your own research in advance, but when you really want details, visiting the window store is your best bet.

The professionals who work with replacement windows in Fresno, CA aren’t there to pressure you into a sale. When you visit us at Clovis Glass, we simply want to get you the information you need to make the best decisions for your house, whatever that ends up being. Give us a call for a free consultation and you can take your time in making decisions from there. We’re here to help you with the answers to any question you have.