What’s New On The Window Replacement Market?

Every industry has ebbs and flows and changes over the years. The same can be true for the replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA. If you are in the market for new windows, you will want to know what the latest is so you can make the best choices for your home’s project. Here are some of the things the window replacement professionals are seeing within the window market.

Larger Windows Are Largely Popular

While there’s nothing wrong with replacing existing windows with a similar style to get further efficiency, many homeowners are taking banks of windows and creating one larger window that takes up more of the wall. It is usually a picture window, but could also be a bay or bow window. For larger windows that don’t open and close, homeowners then sometimes put smaller operational windows around it. These big windows let in more light, allow homeowners a better view, and give the room a stunning focal point.

Black Is The New White On Frames

While white will probably always be the hottest color on the market because it goes good with everything and always will, black has clawed its way to second place over the last few years. Black is another color that will never go out of style and it can add a sharp, contrasting look to a home that you can’t get from just any color. Light-colored homes are often going with black window frames to give their home something that stands out.

More Upgrades Equal More Efficiency

Standard windows are great. Today’s technology has them further up the food chain than ever before. They can operate much better than the older windows you likely have on your home now. But homeowners are craving the highest levels of energy efficiency possible and they can get that with upgrades. More people are adding an extra pane of glass to the standard double pane windows to achieve triple pane glass instead. More are also filling between the panes with inert gas instead of air for further insulation. And, the most popular upgrade, is the low-E coating on the glass that reflects heat. You can let natural light in at any time and not get any of the heat. That’s much more comfortable, but it’s also more efficient.

replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CANo matter how you decide to make decisions when you get replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, it’s nice to know some of what is working well in the market right now so you are able to judge whether or not those things are right for your home. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you with that process from start to finish. Tell us what your budget looks like and what you think about certain styles, goals, and preferences and we’ll take the information and make suggestions as to what might work best to suit your needs. You get to make the ultimate decisions, but we’re here to help you with great ideas and options.