How Are Replacement Windows Different Here?

There are replacement windows in Madera, CA and there are replacement windows all across the country in every other state. The same windows can’t possibly work in the same manner in every region, can they? How are the windows here different and how can they help you with the issues you face in your home? Here are a few things to consider.

The Energy Star Label

If you’ve heard of the Energy Star program, you know that it’s important to pay attention to it. This independent company tests products, including windows, for energy efficiency levels. Windows do not have to submit to testing so if they do, and they pass, it means something. Not only can you ensure that windows with the Energy Star label are efficient because they have passed certain efficiency standards, but they also are efficient for this particular region. The same windows might not pass in Minnesota as those that pass in California because the needs are different. When you use a window int his region with the Energy Star label on it, you know that the window is good for California needs.

Sunlight Battles

While every state has sunshine, the sun in California can be intense and downright menacing at times. The only way to get away from it is to go inside and even then, you have to close down the window coverings to keep the heat of the sun out of your house. Since California has so much sunlight throughout the year, it’s a shame when you have to shut it out of the house. You don’t mind the natural light, but you hate the heat that comes with it. In California, more windows come equipped with low-E glass than in other areas of the country that don’t get as much intense sunshine. That glass coating blocks the heat of the sun but lets the light through. That’s a huge advantage for new windows in this region.

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Frame Materials

There are just as many frame options in California as in other areas, but this region has more to deal with than some. Not only is there heat and humidity, but we also have to deal with the breeze and the ocean water in the air. That saltwater can damage a lot of things and you have to consider how much of that you get when you look at window materials. That’s one reason why vinyl windows are even more popular here than they are on average. Those windows are easy to clean and wipe down, as opposed to wood that can quickly be ruined by ocean air if not maintained properly.

There are lots of considerations for replacement windows in Madera, CA and you want to make sure whatever windows you get are good for this region, not for another place where you don’t live. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you find the best windows for your California home so you get the results you want and deserve for your home.