What’s In The Glass?

When you are getting replacement windows in Madera, CA, the two most important parts of the window are the frames and the glass. You might already know what you want in frame material. If you know about vinyl windows, that choice might be obvious for you to make. Most homeowners go with vinyl today because not only does it cost the least, but it brings the most quality to your home. So that choice isn’t always that hard to make. But there are a lot of options within the glass portion of the windows as well. Until you know the details, it’s hard to make educated decisions.

Most windows come standard with double pane glass and air filling between those panes. That is technologically advanced and high in quality. You don’t have to do anything more to the glass if you can’t afford it or simply don’t need to in order to satisfy your goals. However, there are upgrades you can consider that will help the glass bring even more efficiency to your home.

The first thing you could consider doing to the glass on your windows is adding an extra layer. When you put another pane of glass on the windows, they become triple pane glass instead of double. You have another glass layer between your home and the outdoors, but you also have an extra space, which insulates the house even further.

Windows come standard with air fillings between the two panes, or in two spaces if you have triple pane glass. Air helps to stop the flow of air coming through the glass. But there are gases, known as inert gas, that is denser than air and can insulate the home even further. If you have your window spaces filled with argon or krypton gas instead of just air, you can see even more efficiency savings.

And there’s also a coating you can put on the glass called a low-E coating. This coating stops the heat of the sun from coming through the glass and into your home. UV rays also don’t get through so you don’t have to worry about things in the home fading too early. However, the light of the sun gets through just fine. You can enjoy natural lighting without the heat that often comes with that.

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So, as you can see, deciding what you want for your glass packs is very important. Even after you decide on vinyl materials for the frames, there’s much more to do. Getting replacement windows in Madera, CA is important as this isn’t a project you will do very often. In fact, most homeowners only do it once in their ownership of any house. You can talk to the professionals at Clovis Glass about glass packs, frame materials, hardware, and anything else you want to know. We’re here to answer your questions and make sure you get the information you need to make the right decisions. The overall results depend on what you decide before you order the windows.