Window Glass Repair for Home

Protecting Against Window Glass Repair

Once you get window replacement done on your home, you know that it’s quite an investment. So you likely want to protect that investment, so you don’t have damage done to the windows any time soon. While it’s certainly possible to have window glass repair for home if just the glass portion of the window gets damaged, you would much rather avoid that and keep the windows in good condition. Here are a few things you can do to protect the new windows you had installed. 


Clean The Interior And Exterior 

Cleaning the glass on your windows is something you want to do regularly so you can see out well without too much dust, dirt, or smudges. The inside of the windows are easy enough to clean, btu the outside can be more of a challenge. IF you have doble hung windows, you can tilt the windows into the house and clean the outside from inside. If your house is only one level, it’s not too hard to clean the exterior of the windows from outside. Two story homes, of course, are harder and you’ll need a ladder, or even to hire a professional company to do the job for you on occasion. Keeping the windows clean will help you avoid scratches from dust and other elements. Little scratches aren’t a big deal, but they can add up and they can weaken the glass, which could cause it to need repairs sooner. 


Put Rules Into Place 

While you may have let your kids get away with certain things before when you had older windows, it may be time to lay down the law where the windows are concerned now. For example, there might be a new rule that no ball (unless it’s a beach ball or stuffed ball) can be thrown in the house at all any longer. And, when playing ball outside, no one should ever throw the ball toward the house. Have people stand parallel to the house to throw the ball back and forth to avoid needing new glass in those windows. 


Use Coverings With Care 

If your window coverings were as old as your old windows, you might want to replace them when you get new windows. Older coverings might be damaged and if you try to use them around the windows, they could break and cause damage to the windows you just installed. Whether you get new coverings or not, raise and lower them with care so you don’t do anything to the new glass. 


If you do need window glass repair for your home, it can be a frustrating situation when you just got new windows not too long ago. However, the professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you with those issues and then some. We can help you with replacement windows and their installation, but we can also give you maintenance tips later and, yes, we can repair glass if you have that kind of issue as well. Give us a call and we’ll help.