5 Most Common Home Window Styles

Whether you need replacement windows Shaver Lake, CA, or are looking at brand-new windows for a fresh development project, you need to know basic information about window styles. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pick out the best design for your home.


There are many, many different types of window designs. However, there are a few common styles that repeatedly end up in residential homes. These window styles are particularly inviting and useful in a domestic environment. Here’s what they are.


1. Double-Hung Windows


Double-hung windows are perhaps the most common style for residential buildings. You have certainly seen this style before, even if you had no clue what to call it. This style can be used in any of the rooms in your home. These windows feature two large panes of glass capable of sliding up and down. These traditional windows are easy to find, so you should be able to find something affordable. This type of window also works well with “muntins.” These split each pane of glass so it looks like multiple


2. Casement Windows


Casement windows swing open horizontally. They’re a great way to air out any room. Because of this, these windows are very popular. It’s likely that your home has at least one of these windows. If you’re considering adding a new one, think about what type of view it will open out to. A front or back window may be better if your next-door neighbors are very close to your property. Their home will obstruct the view.


3. Awning Windows


If you care more about keeping the elements out than getting fresh gulps of air, an awning window might be the right choice. These are similar to casement windows except they open out horizontally rather vertically. They’re very good at keeping the rain out even when they’re open. They’re also harder for intruders to break into. You can add these windows to any room that you wish but they’re typically installed on lower floors.


4. Picture Window


A picture window isn’t intended to open or close. The goal is to showcase a wonderful view. Picture windows are often multiple stories high. Because you don’t have to touch them very often, they don’t need to be cleaned as regularly. Picture windows can make your home appear very grand. When they are paired with a great window treatment, the aesthetic can be very striking.


5. Skylight Windows


Skylight windows are used to add light to an attic or upstairs area where it would be difficult to install another style of window. These windows need to be installed by an expert because it involves cutting into the roof. It’s very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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When you decide what type of windows your home needs, it’s time to find an expert contractor.


Beautiful replacement windows Shaver Lake, CA, can really transform your home. You can choose any style that makes you happy. You can even alter your windows after you’ve purchased your home. You don’t have to stick with the same windows forever.