Getting Window Glass Replacement Done

When you got replacement windows for your house, it was quite an investment. So when, a few years down the road, something happens and one of the windows has broken glass, you aren’t exactly ready to go back and replace the window—again. There are lots of reasons why the glass might break. If you have kids, you can list a bunch of reasons on one hand. Whether it was their fault or yours, the good news is that window glass replacement for your house is very possible in most situations. 


Depending on what happened with the window, and what the damage is like, you have lots of options. If the pane is cracked, you can call the company that manufactured the window and ask for them to send a piece of insulated glass to replace what you have on the window. It’s best for your window and the efficiency performance of your whole house if you have the same type of glass in all of the windows.  


When the glass arrives, you can have the professionals who installed your window replacements in the first place come back to your home and change out the glass. IT’s best to have professional installation so you are sure things are done right and you have guarantees standing behind the process. 


The professionals will bring the new glass to your house and remove the old, broken glass. They will clean up the frame and them pop the new glass in. They will seal it in to block drafts and the window will be as good as new. What’s even better than that is that the job will cost a fraction of the price of a whole new window. 


If you are on a tight budget, you can think about removing the glass yourself, but it can be a tricky job and it can also be dangerous to work with glass that might splinter more. IT’s best to figure out how to afford professional help. The professionals come with warranties and insurance, in case anything happens. 


You will want to check and see what the warranty is like on your windows before you do anything. You might have a manufacturer warranty that covers that part and/or labor for the replacement under a certain number of years. That’s worth checking before you spend anything on the project. 


There are some occasions when you might need more than window glass replacement for your house, and instead you need a whole window replacement. The professionals at Clovis Glass are going to help you figure out what is necessary. Give us a call and we can come to your home and help you figure out what you need to have done for your home’s best interest. We won’t’ tell you to fix something that needs to be replaced and we won’t replace something that can be fixed. Technology is always advancing, but your windows are important to your home and it’s best to have them all in place and working well together.