Coloring Your Replacement Windows

When you get replacement windows in Sanger, CA for your house, it’s important to get just the right aesthetic for your home. The color you choose for your window’s frames is one of the biggest decisions you will make for appearance. It will show a great deal on the exterior and also the interior. Plus, if you get vinyl windows (which most people do), the color you choose will be on your home’s windows for as long as the windows are there. That will likely be decades. Here are a few options to help you start thinking about window colors.


The Classic White


White is the most popular window color on the market. It used to be the only color that vinyl windows came in. While that’s not the case today, it is still the most popular. White is a classic color that never goes out of style. That is partly what makes it so popular. The other element is that it goes with any other color. You can put white with whatever is on your house now and if you paint your home another color in the future, white will still look nice with it.


The Contrasting Black


After white, black is the most popular window color. Black is another classic that just doesn’t go out of style. It looks good with any light color and will also look good in the future if you paint another light tone. The great thing about black is the contrast it gives to your home. It can really make the fresh, new windows stand out against the house as something new and exciting. If you like that contrasting look, consider black.


The Matching Tone


Some people like to have their house in a streamlined, blended look. That means the windows might be nice if they were the same color as the house. You can get the same color and the windows will blend right into the exterior, giving the home a cohesive look. The only trouble is if you paint in the future, you have to make sure you do the same color or something else that will look nice with that window color.


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A Darker Or Lighter House Tone


If you like the idea of a contrast, but you aren’t sure about black, consider getting your house’s color in a darker or lighter tone. You can get a dark brown for a tan house or a light gray for a dark gray house. You get a nice contrast, but also a cohesive color appeal.


It’s hard to decide what you want to do in many areas of this project, but the colors you choose for your replacement windows in Sanger, CA are highly important for the overall look of the project, and the entire house. The professionals at Clovis Glass urge you to take your time with the choice and we will send you home with any samples you want. Look at the samples in the light of your home many times during the day.