Addressing Various Rooms With Window Replacement

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When you start looking into replacement windows in Madera, CA, there’s nothing really wrong with getting the exact same window for every room of your house. Standard windows are very good today and even those double pane windows that come as a standard are going to be way better for your home than old, leaky windows. But if you have extra time and you really want the best for your home, it’s a good idea to go room by room and address each room’s needs through the windows that room will get. As you start to think about it, you will recognize that the bathroom has many different needs than the kitchen. And the kitchen is way different than the basement and so on. Addressing each room with the windows it needs can help you meet goals in the whole house. Here are some examples.


The Bathroom


The bathroom’s highest priority is always going to be private so you will need to keep that in mind no matter what you get. You might also want natural light and many people like to have ventilation options as well. Depending on the current window situation, or what you want to add, you could get regular windows and just have the glass fogged or etched so you can have the light you want and the ventilation you need without allowing anyone to see in. You could also put a sliding window above the tub, high on the wall. No one can see in, but you can see the sky and get the light you want. Skylights also work well for bathrooms, though they don’t always provide ventilation.


The Kitchen


The kitchen doesn’t necessarily need the privacy you want in the bathroom, but you likely do want as much light as you can get and also ventilation options. Casement windows are best for ventilating if they work well in the kitchen and don’t swing out over a deck. They open from top to bottom and can bring the air into the home by catching. Casement is also the best for giving you the highest levels of natural lighting.


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The Basement


The basement is often one of the darkest areas of the house so you might want to put in as many windows as you can. For a walkout basement, you can put in some large, picture windows to let the light in. For a regular basement, consider awning windows that sit high on the wall. Even when it rains, you can open them and the rain won’t fall through into space.


There are many other rooms in your house and they all have different needs. When you get windows to suit those needs, you are going to be a lot happier with the replacement windows in Madera, CA as a whole. No matter what you want, or even if you don’t know what that is yet, the professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you work through the project in a step by step manner.