Important Qualities For Replacement Windows In California

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When you are looking for replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, you don’t look for windows that would be good just anywhere. You want windows that are good for your region—right here in California. There are qualities that are important for windows anywhere, but there are also certain qualities that you want here because of the area you live in. Here are some of the important qualities for new windows in your region.


Energy Efficiency


You want windows that are going to give you energy efficiency. While that’s true in any area, what you need to get efficiency in California is different than what you need to get that same efficiency in Minnesota or other regions. One great place to start is with the Energy Star labels. This independent company tests windows for efficiency. They only put their label on windows that meet basic requirements for efficiency. And, another good thing about that label, is that they will only put their label on windows that meet those requirements in that region. So windows that get the label in California may be different than windows that get the label in New York. So when you see that label on windows here, you’ll know they meet the requirements here. And then, you can compare the labels from there to see which are the best option for you.




There are many locations across the country where style and the appearance of the windows are important, but that is never more true than it is in California. You need your home to have a certain look in order to fit into your neighborhood. You want to be proud when you invite guests over and you want to be able to have a great curb appeal in the future if you want to sell your house. Style and appearance are important in your new windows.


replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA

Low-E Coatings


This is something that perhaps not every home in California needs, but more do than don’t. Low-E coatings are invisible so you can see through them just find without blocking your view. But they work wonders in blocking the heat of the sun, which can be huge in California. If you want natural light, you can still have it, but the heat of the sun isn’t going to come through the windows with the light. It’s a great way to get more efficiency and more comfort while you enjoy natural light.


Sturdy Longevity


You are going to want windows that are strong and hold up well against the test of time. You also want windows that last for a long time since getting new windows isn’t something you want to have to do again any time soon.


When you need replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, consider your needs, but also the needs your home has because of where you live. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you merge those two areas so you end up with the best option for your home in this region.