Replacement Window Popular Styles And Trends This Year

There are more styles and trends in the world of replacement window in Fresno, CA today than ever before. Some are more popular than others. If you are ready to get new windows yourself, it’s good to be up on the latest trends. Keep in mind that trends are things that come and go. What you will likely want to get is something that is trendy, but also classic so that it won’t go out of style a year after you put it onto your home. Here are a few styles and trends that are prevalent this year and advice as to whether or not those trends will stick around.

Bay/Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are always in style, but they have become an on-trends thing this past year. They are especially popular in kitchens right now because they can offer extra space and additional natural lighting. They are built sticking out of the house, which gives you extra room instead of taking space away. You also don’t often need a lot of privacy in the kitchen so you can enjoy the natural light at its fullest.

Black Frames

Black frames are another thing that is popular right now and it’s not a style that will go off-trend any time soon. Black frames can make a huge statement on a house and provide a dramatic contrast with any light-colored home. They work well for the future since you can still paint your house another light color and have them fit in. But they are a great way to bring a modern style together on a home with high contrast.

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Picture Windows

Pictures windows have always been nice, and they continue to be stylish and on-trend. They aren’t going to go off the market, either. They take up more space on the wall and don’t open and close. This is nice for a variety of reasons. One, they let in more light than other windows. Two, they don’t have moving parts, so they are the most energy efficient window option in the industry. And three, they allow you to see more of the view outside of your home. If you have a nice view, these windows are the best option for taking advantage of it. You can always add operational windows around the picture windows to make the most of the ventilation as well.

When you need replacement windows in Fresno, CA, it’s good to be up on the trends and styles that are prevalent in the market right now. Just because things are popular doesn’t mean they’re right for you, however. But seeing and knowing what those trends are can help you form ideas and preferences for your own project. If you want to start gathering information, the professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help. Call us or stop by our showroom and we can show you different options and talk further about trends and what might be right for your home.