Replacement Windows One Room At A Time

While it’s certainly easier and faster to simply say you want casement windows in your home and have the replacement windows in Sanger, CA installed, you might have regrets later that you didn’t look at things further. Going room by room and serving each room as a separate space can really help you figure out what’s best for the house overall.

The Sunny Rooms

IF your house faces a certain direction, there might be some rooms of the house that get major sun in the afternoon. You might want to treat these rooms together and consider low-E glass coatings. Perhaps the other side of your house doesn’t get that intense sun, but with these rooms heating up in the afternoon, you always have to have window coverings closed. Instead of that option, getting the low-E glass on those windows can secure sunlight whenever you want it because they block out the heat from the sun as well as the UV rays while letting the light shine through.

The Kitchen

Kitchens don’t always have a lot of windows if any, and you will need to make the most of what you have. If you have one over the kitchen sink, you probably like looking outside at the birds as you work at the sink. But it can be hard to open a window that’s double hung in that location, so perhaps switch to a casement window so you can crank the window with ease without leaning far over the sink. That way, you can have the ventilation you want in that room as well.

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The Bathroom

Not every bathroom has a window, but if you want to add one, there are options that can suit the needs here. You may want natural light and/or ventilation options, but you still need privacy. You can put a casement or double hung window in and simply have the glass fogged or etched so no one can see through it. Or, you can hang a gliding window high on the wall, like above a tub, to give you light and privacy all at once. Skylights are also very popular in bathrooms (as well as in kitchens) since they don’t take up wall space you might not have to offer to the process, but they let in glorious amounts of natural light.

There are lots of other rooms to consider and you will want to think about how you use each space and what your goals are for that room when you get replacement windows in Sanger, CA. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help in any way we can. We’d love to hear your ideas and see your home in person during a free consultation. That way, we know what you have to work with and we can offer ideas and suggestions that will allow you the expert opinion you might need as you make important choices for your home’s future. Call us whenever you are ready and ask whatever you need to know.