Signs You Need Replacement Windows

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Not every homeowner is good at paying close attention to their windows. If you don’t inspect your windows regularly, you’re not alone. But there are things that the windows are going to show you when they need you to pay attention. For example, there are many different signs that might call for replacement windows in Madera, CA. Here are a few to watch out for, even if you don’t pay much attention to your windows on the whole.


The Windows Are Bringing Down Your Homes Curb Appeal

When you have a house that looks nice from the curb because the siding is fresh, the landscaping is well kept, and the house is put together, why does it still look old and worn? The answer could be as simple as the windows. If your windows are cracked and chipping or sagging and warped, that’s enough to bring down the curb appeal of the entire house. Replacing those windows will give your whole house a fresh look from the outside.


The Inside Of The Home Looks Outdated, Thanks To The Windows

Windows show inside and outside of the home and if you notice that your curb appeal is lacking, the interior of your home may be failing in appearance, too. Old windows might have foggy glass that doesn’t let in as much light, for example. And wood windows can crack and chip on the inside, too. The windows can be responsible for keeping the interior of your home at a lower appearance level than you want for it.


The Windows Are Bringing Down Energy Efficiency

If you have high energy bills and they only seem to get worse at the months go by, it could very well be because of the old windows that are ruining the efficiency of your home. Air leaks in and out freely, which causes the HVAC to work hard to try and keep up. You are using more energy, even if you are wasting much of it, and that causes the energy bills to rise. Instead, when you have new windows, air stays in where it belongs and you actually use the energy you put into the house. Your HVAC doesn’t have to pump as much in and your energy use (and energy bills) go way down.

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Your Home Security Is Hurting

If you can’t get out of your home through the windows in an emergency because they are painted shut, that’s a real safety hazard. On the other hand, if your windows are old and brittle, they could be pried open from the outside with ease, which is also a security risk. When you see that your windows are no longer safe in your home, it’s time to get new ones so your family can be secure.


If you are ready for at least considering replacement windows in Madera, CA because you have seen one or more of these signs in your house, contact the professionals at Clovis Glass for help with the process. We can give you a free consultation to help you start right.