If you’re going to install replacement windows Madera, CA, you need to decide how you’re going to do it. You can do everything yourself or you can hire help. Before you make your ultimate decision, there are a few factors to keep in mind.


Perfection is impossible but you can definitely achieve a very high standard. Your windows are no exception. For many homeowners, the right windows can utterly transform a room. It goes from bland and typical to striking and lovely in a few


What’s the condition of your windows?


You need to assess the state of your windows. It may be that a complete window replacement will make more sense than a repair job. It depends on the extent of the repair. If it’s possible, the repair may be as costly as the replacement. If that’s the case, it makes more sense to go with the latter. You should seriously consider consulting with an expert.


What are you trying to do?


Are you trying to make a major change? If you want to completely alter the current window and install a different size or shape, it’s a good idea to work with an experienced contractor. That’s because you don’t have any room for error. If you try to do everything on your own, you’re far more likely to make a mistake.


Where is the window located?


Some windows are harder to work with than others. For example, skylight or rooftop windows are notoriously difficult to install. This is because you have to cut into your roof. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can make a huge mistake. A replacement of a small bedroom window will be easier to accomplish. That doesn’t mean that you should necessarily do it yourself. If you have no experience in this type of work, it may still make more sense to hire an expert.


How old is the property?


The property’s age and value may have an impact on your decision. Different building techniques require different handling. Newer, modern windows are generally easier to deal with. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case. You have to consider your own comfort level. If you’re not comfortable with your ability, you should definitely seek counsel. There may be small details that you’re missing.

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There are no hard rules when it comes to dealing with your windows. Every situation and home is unique. That’s why your best bet is to plan ahead. Schedule the work for a week when you won’t be overwhelmed by other engagements. Too much stress can cause you to take less pleasure than you otherwise would in the work. Your mind will be going a million miles at once. It will be difficult to give your windows your complete attention.


When it comes to replacement windows Madera, CA, you have to work with the space you have. A great contractor can help you manipulate the area. Instead of worrying, hire a company you can trust.

Searching for the right replacement windows Sanger, CA, may take some time. However, it’s not labor that you can put off. If there is something wrong with your windows, it will need to be fixed quickly or you could end up having even more serious issues.


Because residential homes are so similar, there are very common problems that the average homeowner may face. People have similar ideas when it comes to comfort. Some people may prefer a minimalist style while others prefer more obvious grandeur, but everyone appreciates a pretty window. Everyone enjoys a comfortable bathroom.


There’s no point in learning about common household problems unless you learn their solution as well. Let’s get started.


1. Damaged Floors


If your home’s floors are simply messy, all you have to do is clean them. Vacuum thoroughly and spot clean any stains. If that’s not enough, you can rent a steam cleaner. This will pick up the harder to remove stains. Now, it’s possible that these steps aren’t enough. However, you may not be prepared to redo your floors. You can achieve a quick, temporary fix by buying a decently sized rug. People will be attracted to the rug and they won’t notice the floor beneath it.


2. Boring Windows


If looking at your windows doesn’t bring you zest and happiness, it’s time to make a change. Your windows can become the center point of any room. For this to happen, they need to be cleaned. Nice window accessories can also help. New drapes or blinds only take a moment to install, yet they make a huge difference in how you view any room.


3. Bland Atmosphere


A house is not a “home” until it feels like yours. If the home decor is too bland for your style, you won’t be able to connect very well. You should love your home. It can become more vibrant if you add personal touches. These changes can be very quick. Adding personal attractions like photographs and artwork can make a huge difference.


4. Peeling Paint


Fresh paint looks amazing. An old, peeling paint job, however, looks tired. You can refresh your home by repainting interior rooms. To make it a quick fix, use the same shade of paint for a fast retouch. Or, if you want to make a major change but still want to be quick, add an accent wall. This fresh pop of color will immediately draw your eye. Compared to painting the entire room, painting an accent wall is very fast.

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5. Not Enough Space


Many homeowners feel as though they don’t have enough space. You can get creative with your storage options. There are attractive, subtle storage containers that can be out in the open without affecting your home decor.


When it’s time to think seriously about replacement windows Sanger, CA, there’s only one thing to do- find an expert. You don’t need to tackle this problem on your own. You can work with one of the best teams in your area.

If your double pane glass is cracked, you might have to replace the whole window. But it’s possible that you may just need to replace the glass in the window. However, you may not know how to replace window glass in aluminum frame, or even if that is the best option for your situation. 


If you notice a crack in your window’s glass, the best idea is to call a professional to have them come look at the window. Then, you have an expert opinion on what you need to do with the window. You certainly don’t want to go through with window replacement if you can just replace the glass. On the other hand, you don’t want to replace the glass if that won’t do much good and you really need the whole window to be changed out. 


Part of the decision might depend on the age and condition of your aluminum frames. If your frames are on the new side and still in great condition, replacing the glass alone is likely the best course of action. But if the frames are old and drafty or leaking, you might be better served by getting new windows for that outlet, as well as for the rest of the house. 


On new enough windows, you can typically just replace the glass when there’s a crack and not the whole frame. You might also be able to repair the glass, so the crack doesn’t spread, if it’s a small enough crack. You want to make sure it’s done right, either way, because the windows are what keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Air leaking in or out can kill your comfort and your energy bills. 


If the glass isn’t cracked, but you see condensation between the panes of double pane glass, it’s possible that the seal on the windows is broken. That’s common on older windows because water damage can deteriorate that seal and direct sunlight can weaken it, both of which the windows have experienced over the years. No seal is going to last forever and someday, all windows will have to be addressed and replaced. 


So, what do you need? Do you need new windows? Or can you ask the professionals how to replace window glass in aluminum frame and have that be the end of it? It might not be obvious to you, but the professionals at Clovis Glass can tell you exactly what needs to be done. You can trust our integrity. We aren’t going to tell you to replace the window if we know we can fix it and give your home the protection it needs. But we also won’t try to fix something that can’t be properly fixed. We’re here to help your home maintain efficiency and comfort at all times, whatever that means for your aluminum windows and the glass you have noticed that has cracks in it and needs help. 

Whether you need replacement windows Shaver Lake, CA, or are looking at brand-new windows for a fresh development project, you need to know basic information about window styles. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pick out the best design for your home.


There are many, many different types of window designs. However, there are a few common styles that repeatedly end up in residential homes. These window styles are particularly inviting and useful in a domestic environment. Here’s what they are.


1. Double-Hung Windows


Double-hung windows are perhaps the most common style for residential buildings. You have certainly seen this style before, even if you had no clue what to call it. This style can be used in any of the rooms in your home. These windows feature two large panes of glass capable of sliding up and down. These traditional windows are easy to find, so you should be able to find something affordable. This type of window also works well with “muntins.” These split each pane of glass so it looks like multiple


2. Casement Windows


Casement windows swing open horizontally. They’re a great way to air out any room. Because of this, these windows are very popular. It’s likely that your home has at least one of these windows. If you’re considering adding a new one, think about what type of view it will open out to. A front or back window may be better if your next-door neighbors are very close to your property. Their home will obstruct the view.


3. Awning Windows


If you care more about keeping the elements out than getting fresh gulps of air, an awning window might be the right choice. These are similar to casement windows except they open out horizontally rather vertically. They’re very good at keeping the rain out even when they’re open. They’re also harder for intruders to break into. You can add these windows to any room that you wish but they’re typically installed on lower floors.


4. Picture Window


A picture window isn’t intended to open or close. The goal is to showcase a wonderful view. Picture windows are often multiple stories high. Because you don’t have to touch them very often, they don’t need to be cleaned as regularly. Picture windows can make your home appear very grand. When they are paired with a great window treatment, the aesthetic can be very striking.


5. Skylight Windows


Skylight windows are used to add light to an attic or upstairs area where it would be difficult to install another style of window. These windows need to be installed by an expert because it involves cutting into the roof. It’s very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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When you decide what type of windows your home needs, it’s time to find an expert contractor.


Beautiful replacement windows Shaver Lake, CA, can really transform your home. You can choose any style that makes you happy. You can even alter your windows after you’ve purchased your home. You don’t have to stick with the same windows forever.

There are lots of things to look forward to when you get replacement windows in Madera, CA. You know your home will have a new, fresh look on it, both inside and out. You might also enjoy more natural light inside your home. New windows have larger glass space and smaller frames so that means there’s more light coming in, which can be really nice for your home. The house might feel more open and welcoming because of the lighting. And, one of the best things you will notice is that you will have lower energy bills because of the efficiency in your home. Did you know that as a result of all that you will also have even temperatures in your house? It’s true! Here’s why.

Replacement windows seal up your home so where you had air coming in from outside, and air leaking out from inside, that air is going to meet a seal and won’t be able to get through any longer. That means when it’s chilly outside, that chilly air will remain outside of your house with no way of getting in. The warm air that your heater is pumping into the house also stays inside without the chance of getting out through the windows. Your heater won’t have to run as often since the air isn’t getting out and that warm air will permeate all throughout the house.

You will notice that you are comfortable in your home and you don’t have to turn the thermostat farther up all the time. The temperature on the thermostat is being reached and held without the furnace running nearly as much. It’s nice that your windows are able to give your furnace a break because it won’t have to run as often and won’t break down or wear out nearly as fast.

The energy efficiency in your home that you will see and feel after you get new windows is thanks to the even temperature. As a result of all that, you will notice that your energy bills are much lower. That’s a nice bonus, for sure. When you get new windows, they’re an investment and there’s really no way around that. But you can supplement what you spent with what you save. Your bills are lower and the money you save can go into paying you back for what you spent on the new windows in the first place.

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If you are ready to have true comfort in your home through energy efficiency and even temperatures, the professionals at Clovis Glass are here to talk to you about replacement windows in Madera, CA and what they can do for your home. We understand that it’s an investment, but we are here to work with your budget and help you to figure out how much you stand to save so you can feel good about what you have to spend originally. We’re here to walk you through the process from start to finish so you can get the information you need to make decisions.

It’s hard for anything in this world to be perfect right now, but when you need replacement windows in Sanger, CA, and you know how much it takes to invest into them, you want that project to end up in the perfect category. As the homeowner, you have complete control over the process. That means, in the end, you are responsible for the perfection of the window project. Here are a few things that need to line up to get the perfect windows in your home.


A Budget You Can Afford

Let’s say you get what you feel are the perfect windows, but they are way too expensive. Then, you struggle to pay them off and that just makes the rest of your life harder. You might even come to regret making the choices you did. The perfect windows are going to fit into a price frame that you can afford. That’s why it’s important to set a budget upfront and stick to it.


The Perfect Color/Style

You want your windows to look good and a part of that is the style you choose and the color you put on the frames. There are endless colors today, but you want something that looks nice with your home, but also something in the color ranges that you prefer. The color needs to look good on your house now, but you also need something that will last and still look good years from now because the windows aren’t going anywhere. The perfect color will do all that and the right style will work well for the lifespan of the windows.


A High Level Of Efficiency

Efficiency is key and there’s no point in replacing your windows if you aren’t getting high levels of efficiency. You want comfort in your home, and you deserve much lower energy bills. The perfect windows will give you both beyond your wildest dreams.


The Ideal Installation

While the windows you choose are key, the installation is just as important as the windows. If the models you choose aren’t installed right, they may not perform as promised, which makes the whole project go downhill away from perfect really fast. The ideal installation happens through true professionals who have been trained for this and have lots of experience behind them.


Every Result You Wanted

If you have a list of things you want your new windows to do or goals you want them to accomplish, every result you want should be checked off once the windows are installed if you got the perfect windows. Don’t stop rearranging items on the windows until you are sure the windows can meet every goal.

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There are lots of things that replacement windows in Sanger, CA can do and the perfect windows for you are different than the perfect windows for someone else. That’s why the professionals at Clovis Glass believe in customized service that will take you down the path to the perfect windows for your budget, your home, and your lifestyle.

If your home has seen better days, that’s okay. It happens to even the newest homes eventually. You will find that you need to renovate some things to keep the value of the home as high as you want it to be. Maintaining your home with new items, like replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, and keeping older items in shape is important to your enjoyment of the property. Here are a few things you might do to give the house a new look or feel here and there.


Change Cabinet Hardware

If the kitchen is starting to look a little tired, but it still functions well, something as small as changing out the hardware on the cabinets can give it a new look and feel. It’s easy to replace hardware and you can get something upgraded and updated and the next person to visit will wonder what all has changed—even though only one small thing did.


Get New Window Treatments

Old window coverings can bring a whole room down. If the treatments are faded, twisted, broken, or out of shape in other ways, getting new treatments can upgrade the style and efficiency of the room. You can get something that’s a different color or style and make even further changes. Window treatments can help with efficiency and value as well.


Paint Cabinets

Whether you want a change in the kitchen or bathroom, you can paint the cabinets in those spaces and make a huge change. If you have wood now and want to go with white, or even gray, which is the new white in these spaces, you can make a world of difference in a change in color. It’s also a job most people can easily do on their own.


Install Replacement Windows

This project will take more time and thought than changing out cabinet hardware or colors, but it’s well worth the effort you put into it once the installation is complete. Not only do new windows enhance curb appeal a great deal, but they bring more light into the interior and a fresh look there as well. You’ll have huge energy savings and a raise in comfort as well as a higher home value to enjoy. If you need new windows, this is a good place to start your home renovation projects.

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Whether you are ready for replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA right away or not, the professionals at Clovis Glass can help you prepare for the process. We’re here to answer your questions, help you understand ratings, and to give you advice about what might be best for your home. Let us in on your budget for the project once you get to that point and we can help you keep that on track as well. Give us a call for a free consultation, which we can do in our showroom as you take a look around or in your home if you want us to see what you’re working with up close right away.

Getting replacement windows in Madera, CA is very exciting because you are in for a lot of benefits. Even if you get the same window style and size as you have now, things are going to change for the better. However, if you want to make changes in your windows, now’s the time. Consider a different size, for example, to let more light in and change the look of your home inside and out. If you want to get new window sizes, here are a few things to ask yourself.


What Can I Afford?

Larger windows, of course, are going to cost more than smaller windows. You will also have some construction work that will have to go into it to make the space in your walls bigger and that will cost as well. You will need to look at your budget and figure out how much extra size change will cost and see what you can afford. You still want quality windows and you don’t want to sacrifice any of that for a larger size.


What Can The Home Take?

Your home’s structure is situated in a certain way. You need to figure in the building codes and structural design of the home to make sure you can get new, larger windows to work. Sometimes, in older homes, the skeleton of the home just can’t take larger windows on load-bearing walls. You need to figure out, with professional help, what your home can take, and what is best to avoid size-wise.


What Style Would Be Best?

If you can afford it and your home can handle it, you will then need to start looking at sizes. Picture windows do great at larger sizes and bay and bow windows are often nice as well. You can also consider a group of casement or double hung windows to make the windows appear larger in a group setting. Think about your home’s architectural style and see what might work best for it in window style.


What Do You Prefer?

Depending on your home and budget, there might be quite a few things that you can do. In those cases, it’s a good idea to know what you prefer so you can get something that you appreciate inside and out. Even if you get windows that work well on the house, if you don’t like them, they aren’t the perfect fit for you as the homeowner.

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Getting replacement windows in Madera, CA is a big job, but it can be very exciting when you are able to make changes and adjustments that make your home all that much better. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you find whatever it is you are looking for, whether you want a larger size, something just the same as what you have, enhanced efficiency upgrades, or something else. We’d love to sit down with you for a free consultation and we can figure out what changes you want to make from there.

When your home needs replacement windows in Sanger, CA, you might know that the process is an investment. You want to take time and put effort into the project so you get as much out of it as you can. You don’t just want any windows. The windows you install are going to last for decades. You want outstanding windows that are going to do a great job and will look good while doing it. Here are a few tips to help you create outstanding windows for your home.


Do Your Research

You don’t need to be a window expert in order to choose the right windows. You have professionals in the window showrooms that can lend you their knowledge and guide you with information as you make decisions. But if you really want outstanding windows, it’s good to arm yourself with some details upfront. You will want to know, for example, what the numbers on the ratings labels mean, what window companies in town are reputable, what window upgrades are available and what they do, and so on. You can spend some time online doing that research or you can ask questions during a free consultation and the professionals are happy to help.


Make Decisions In Time

You don’t want to go to the window store and start pointing, putting together windows on a whim. Instead, you need to take your time with each and every important decision you make. It’s important to get things right so making decisions slowly, sleeping on them, and being able to move forward with confidence when you decide something is key. Put time and effort into whatever decisions you make so you are sure about them as you move forward.


Match Windows To Your Home

Now, this means a lot of different things. You will want your home to have the right window style and the right color, of course. But you also want any upgrades you choose to match what your home needs. If you don’t get a lot of natural light, you may not need low-E glass because that glass blocks heat and you don’t have that problem. You want to match any item on your windows to what your home needs in order to get the outstanding windows your home deserves.

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Most homeowners are going to come into the process of replacement windows in Sanger, CA with a budget in mind and that’s a great place to start. The professionals at Clovis Glass like to have a budget upfront so we can help to guide you in certain directions towards things that you can afford. It’s nice for you to see things you can actually afford so you are able to stay on track with what you need and what costs are available. We want you to have all the time you need to make important decisions and we will make sure you never feel pressured. We are here to help and whatever information you need, just ask and we’ll provide it for you.

Once you decide what you want for your replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, it can be very exciting. You are almost done with the project! All you have to do is get the windows installed and you are good to go. Even though the end part of the project sounds simple enough, it’s just as important as choosing the windows. If the installation isn’t done right, they may not perform as you’d hoped. Here are a few people you don’t want to hire for the installation process of this project.

Your Neighbor

No matter how handy your neighbor is unless they are a certified professional, they aren’t the right person for the job. You don’t want something to happen to them on your property. You would be liable for that. And you don’t want the installation to go awry because they didn’t actually know what they were doing. It’s not a good situation for anyone.

A Family Member

Everyone has a family member who thinks they can do just about anything in a house. But again, unless they are actually window professionals who have been trained by the manufacturer, they aren’t someone you should use for the installation. Plus, if something goes wrong, you might blame them and that can start a whole family feud you just don’t want to be in the middle of.


Again, unless you work at a window store and do installations for a living, you aren’t the person for the job. You will likely take a lot longer to do the job and who knows what might go wrong. Plus, when you do the installation yourself, you void the manufacturer warranty so anything that might go wrong in the future, it’s on you.

Contractors Without Insurance

No matter who you hire, you absolutely have to see if they have insurance. That way, if something happens to them at your house, or to your house itself, their company will pay for it, not you. The last thing you want is for the window job to go awry, someone to get hurt, and you to be stuck with all of the charges.

It’s in your best interest to get everything in order with the windows, and then hire a professional installer to get the windows in just right. You have guarantees standing behind the installation, but you likely won’t need them as the professional installers know what they are doing. Instead of regretting your choice later, make the right choice the first time around.

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Choosing your replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA is very important, but it’s only half the battle. The other half is getting the right installation done. The professionals at Clovis Glass can help you with choosing your windows and, once you have the right options ordered and in place, we can install them for you. Our installers have years of experience, which is just what you want for your project. We offer guarantees as well and we stand behind our work.