There are lots of things that replacement windows in Madera, CA can do for your home, but did you know they can do things for you as well? You can feel new and fresh, just like your house, in a number of ways after the installation takes place. Here are a few things you might notice.

An Increase In Mood

If you get replacement windows that let in more light—and most do since they are larger in glass space and smaller in the frame area today—you might notice an increase in your happiness. Natural light has a way of making you feel better all the way around. You might notice it in yourself, your productivity level, which could arise, and even in your family members. There’s never anything better than having better moods.

Refreshing Sleep Cycles

It can be downright dragging to get through day after day without a good night of sleep. New windows can actually help you feel more refreshed. When you get the light, you need during the day, and then close the windows off at night with coverings, you are able to cue your body into a deeper state of rest. Once that rhythm is set up, you feel more refreshed on a regular basis.

Have More Money In The Budget

Once you get new windows installed, you will feel like you have a new budget before you. The energy bills are no longer taking up the giant’s share of your budget and you have more money to spend in other areas. Efficiency makes you waste less and actually use what you are putting into the home instead, which is much less than you needed before. You don’t have to change any habits at all in order to get a higher efficiency level in your home after replacement windows are installed. You can use the extra cash on whatever you’d like.

Invite More Guests Over

If you have a better level of confidence in what your home looks like, you are more able to call people and ask them to come over. You want guests to come over when your house has a fresh look on it, both inside and out. Getting replacement windows can actually work wonders for your entertaining and your social life.

These are just a few ways in which you might feel like a whole new you after you get replacement windows in Madera, CA. If you have yet to get new windows and you know you need them, these advantages are just some of the many to look forward to. As you look ahead to the project, contact the professionals at Clovis Glass for advice and recommendations. Whatever your goals might be for your home and whatever budget you have in mind for the project, we’re here to help ensure that everything lines up well for you. We want you to love the results and have no regrets about moving forward whenever you are ready to get windows into place.

You might sigh when you notice that prices are going up on pretty much everything. It can be hard to keep up with it all. But when you get replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA now, it’s good to know that their value, too, is only rising. Here are a few ways you can enjoy that rise in value.

Lower Energy Bills

One of the biggest reasons replacement windows are so valuable is because they lower energy bills a great deal. When the energy prices rise, your bills still stay nice and low. Not only is that a valuable asset for you, but it works wonders if you place your home on the market someday. Serious buyers will want to see your recent energy bills and noticing the low prices is something no one will overlook.

High Curb Appeal

When you put fresh windows into your house, of course, they are going to look great. But they will also look great next year, the year after that, and so on. While other homes have aging windows that are starting to fail, your windows have high value in their appearance. Your house will look great from the curb right away and well into the future. You will want to be careful with your color choice to ensure that you have the look you want both now and down the road.

Higher Home Prices

If you plan to sell your home, you will be able to put a higher price on it than you would have before you got new windows. The windows are valuable and that only goes up in value because of what you will be able to place on the home price-wise when you sell. Your home will also more likely to sell faster because of the windows that are in place on it. People will see them and have to have them.

replacement windows in Clovis, CA,

Energy Efficiency

It’s more important now than ever before to run an energy efficient house and when you have new windows on the house, you can do just that. It’s a valuable thing, you are doing, for the environment. You are no longer wasting energy through the windows of your house, which were formerly the biggest place for air leaks. The energy is saved and no longer leaking out unused. There are other things you can do to boost your home’s efficiency, but replacement windows is the largest thing to give you the biggest boost.

Replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA are highly valuable and that’s all there is to it. When you are ready for new windows, you can learn more about their value and how you can make the most out of the project when you reach out to the professionals at Clovis Glass. We can come to your home for a free consultation, take a look at your current windows and the way your home operates and give you valuable advice in how you can improve the house overall with certain elements in the new windows you are going to get.

There are replacement windows in Madera, CA and there are replacement windows all across the country in every other state. The same windows can’t possibly work in the same manner in every region, can they? How are the windows here different and how can they help you with the issues you face in your home? Here are a few things to consider.

The Energy Star Label

If you’ve heard of the Energy Star program, you know that it’s important to pay attention to it. This independent company tests products, including windows, for energy efficiency levels. Windows do not have to submit to testing so if they do, and they pass, it means something. Not only can you ensure that windows with the Energy Star label are efficient because they have passed certain efficiency standards, but they also are efficient for this particular region. The same windows might not pass in Minnesota as those that pass in California because the needs are different. When you use a window int his region with the Energy Star label on it, you know that the window is good for California needs.

Sunlight Battles

While every state has sunshine, the sun in California can be intense and downright menacing at times. The only way to get away from it is to go inside and even then, you have to close down the window coverings to keep the heat of the sun out of your house. Since California has so much sunlight throughout the year, it’s a shame when you have to shut it out of the house. You don’t mind the natural light, but you hate the heat that comes with it. In California, more windows come equipped with low-E glass than in other areas of the country that don’t get as much intense sunshine. That glass coating blocks the heat of the sun but lets the light through. That’s a huge advantage for new windows in this region.

replacement windows in Fresno, CA

Frame Materials

There are just as many frame options in California as in other areas, but this region has more to deal with than some. Not only is there heat and humidity, but we also have to deal with the breeze and the ocean water in the air. That saltwater can damage a lot of things and you have to consider how much of that you get when you look at window materials. That’s one reason why vinyl windows are even more popular here than they are on average. Those windows are easy to clean and wipe down, as opposed to wood that can quickly be ruined by ocean air if not maintained properly.

There are lots of considerations for replacement windows in Madera, CA and you want to make sure whatever windows you get are good for this region, not for another place where you don’t live. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you find the best windows for your California home so you get the results you want and deserve for your home.

While it’s certainly easier and faster to simply say you want casement windows in your home and have the replacement windows in Sanger, CA installed, you might have regrets later that you didn’t look at things further. Going room by room and serving each room as a separate space can really help you figure out what’s best for the house overall.

The Sunny Rooms

IF your house faces a certain direction, there might be some rooms of the house that get major sun in the afternoon. You might want to treat these rooms together and consider low-E glass coatings. Perhaps the other side of your house doesn’t get that intense sun, but with these rooms heating up in the afternoon, you always have to have window coverings closed. Instead of that option, getting the low-E glass on those windows can secure sunlight whenever you want it because they block out the heat from the sun as well as the UV rays while letting the light shine through.

The Kitchen

Kitchens don’t always have a lot of windows if any, and you will need to make the most of what you have. If you have one over the kitchen sink, you probably like looking outside at the birds as you work at the sink. But it can be hard to open a window that’s double hung in that location, so perhaps switch to a casement window so you can crank the window with ease without leaning far over the sink. That way, you can have the ventilation you want in that room as well.

replacement windows in Clovis, CA

The Bathroom

Not every bathroom has a window, but if you want to add one, there are options that can suit the needs here. You may want natural light and/or ventilation options, but you still need privacy. You can put a casement or double hung window in and simply have the glass fogged or etched so no one can see through it. Or, you can hang a gliding window high on the wall, like above a tub, to give you light and privacy all at once. Skylights are also very popular in bathrooms (as well as in kitchens) since they don’t take up wall space you might not have to offer to the process, but they let in glorious amounts of natural light.

There are lots of other rooms to consider and you will want to think about how you use each space and what your goals are for that room when you get replacement windows in Sanger, CA. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help in any way we can. We’d love to hear your ideas and see your home in person during a free consultation. That way, we know what you have to work with and we can offer ideas and suggestions that will allow you the expert opinion you might need as you make important choices for your home’s future. Call us whenever you are ready and ask whatever you need to know.

Every industry has ebbs and flows and changes over the years. The same can be true for the replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA. If you are in the market for new windows, you will want to know what the latest is so you can make the best choices for your home’s project. Here are some of the things the window replacement professionals are seeing within the window market.

Larger Windows Are Largely Popular

While there’s nothing wrong with replacing existing windows with a similar style to get further efficiency, many homeowners are taking banks of windows and creating one larger window that takes up more of the wall. It is usually a picture window, but could also be a bay or bow window. For larger windows that don’t open and close, homeowners then sometimes put smaller operational windows around it. These big windows let in more light, allow homeowners a better view, and give the room a stunning focal point.

Black Is The New White On Frames

While white will probably always be the hottest color on the market because it goes good with everything and always will, black has clawed its way to second place over the last few years. Black is another color that will never go out of style and it can add a sharp, contrasting look to a home that you can’t get from just any color. Light-colored homes are often going with black window frames to give their home something that stands out.

More Upgrades Equal More Efficiency

Standard windows are great. Today’s technology has them further up the food chain than ever before. They can operate much better than the older windows you likely have on your home now. But homeowners are craving the highest levels of energy efficiency possible and they can get that with upgrades. More people are adding an extra pane of glass to the standard double pane windows to achieve triple pane glass instead. More are also filling between the panes with inert gas instead of air for further insulation. And, the most popular upgrade, is the low-E coating on the glass that reflects heat. You can let natural light in at any time and not get any of the heat. That’s much more comfortable, but it’s also more efficient.

replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CANo matter how you decide to make decisions when you get replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, it’s nice to know some of what is working well in the market right now so you are able to judge whether or not those things are right for your home. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you with that process from start to finish. Tell us what your budget looks like and what you think about certain styles, goals, and preferences and we’ll take the information and make suggestions as to what might work best to suit your needs. You get to make the ultimate decisions, but we’re here to help you with great ideas and options.

When you get replacement windows in Fresno, CA, there might be a lot of things you are looking forward to doing. More energy efficiency, a better curb appeal, and so on. But making breakfast? Does that even make sense? When you put the right windows into the kitchen, it certainly does.

When you decide to make a big breakfast for your family, you might have to hole up in the kitchen for an hour or even more. You’re isolated, it gets hot, you’re slaving away, and it’s not all that fun at times. But when you have new windows installed into the kitchen, the space is bright and cheery. You’re getting that morning sunlight that you love and the room feels open and welcoming. It can change your whole attitude and outlook on the day and the task at hand. You can look out the window while you whisk the eggs and see the birds starting their day as well.

On the nicest days, it’s great to be able to throw the kitchen window open so you can get fresh air into the room as well. You can ventilate out that burned toast smell for the piece that didn’t go so well and you can bring fresh air in. The neighbors will probably be jealous when the smell of bacon wafts over to their yard.

You’ll also notice that even when you are cooking on the stove, your home is more comfortable than before. You enjoy the right temperature in the space because the air you are running isn’t being sucked out the window and placed into the rest of the neighborhood. You get to keep the temperature you want in the space.

And you might be able to afford things like orange juice and special jam for the toast because you are saving more on your energy bills than you ever did before. Those windows can really help you out, can’t they?

Once breakfast is ready, you can call your family down and nestle into the kitchen, next to the window, and enjoy a meal together. The bright setting will wake everyone up and the food you cooked with the attitude you had will bring sunlight into the day—along with the natural light streaming through the window.

replacement windows in Fresno, CA

So are you going to look forward to making breakfast with your replacement windows in Fresno, CA? Perhaps you should! There are lots of things to look forward to when the installation is looming. Once the installation is complete, you should enjoy both the big and the little things about the new windows in order to make the most of them. If you’re ready to take some steps in that direction, contact the professionals at Clovis Glass for more information on replacement windows. We can help you with everything from reading labels to choosing hardware and then some. Since we’re experts in the field, we won’t let you leave any important decisions out. Mistakes are costly and we are here to prevent you from making them.

IF your old windows are starting to fail and you know it’s only a matter of time before they cause real damage to your house, replacement windows in Fresno, CA become a topic of interest to you. But who should you ask about the process before you get serious about the project in your home? Here are a few suggestions.

Family Members/Friends Who Have Replaced Windows

Most homeowners have only had to replace windows on their homes once in their lifetime, so you may very well not know anyone who has gone through the process. But if you do know someone that has gotten replacement windows in the semi-near past, you can talk to them about what they did, how they made decisions, and where they got their information. Their recommendations can help you trust certain companies and advice moving ahead.

The Internet

Most people head straight to the computer whenever they need to find anything out about a topic they aren’t familiar with. And it’s a good place to start when you are looking into new windows. You can find out what Energy Star labels mean, what the rest of the ratings labels indicate, which companies in the area have experienced, and much more. This kind of research can help arm you with things you will want to know when you start the shopping process in a serious way.


If you have a contractor you trust that you have used for other jobs, you might pick their brain about new windows as well. They might have ideas that could work for your house or suggestions for window styles and upgrades that could suit your budget or home situation. Keep in mind that if these contractors aren’t window experts, their ideas might not be the absolute best. But if you trust their opinion, you can at least start off by talking to them.

replacement windows in Fresno, CA

Window Professionals

Visiting the window store is always a good place to get great recommendations, answers to questions, and anything else you need. You can browse the store and take a look at window examples so close that you can even open and close them to get an idea of how they operate. You are welcome to look around and get answers on your own, but the experts are also on hand to answer questions whenever you are ready to ask them. It’s great to do some of your own research in advance, but when you really want details, visiting the window store is your best bet.

The professionals who work with replacement windows in Fresno, CA aren’t there to pressure you into a sale. When you visit us at Clovis Glass, we simply want to get you the information you need to make the best decisions for your house, whatever that ends up being. Give us a call for a free consultation and you can take your time in making decisions from there. We’re here to help you with the answers to any question you have.

There are a lot of things that can happen when you put replacement windows in Clovis, CA into your home. You will, overall, have a brand new outlook on your house for a variety of reasons. And they all stem back to the windows. Here are a few ways in which your new windows will give you a new outlook on one thing or another.

New Views

You will notice when you are looking out your new windows that you can see a lot more of the view. That’s because windows today use more glass space and fewer frames in order to make up the overall window. Even if you get the same style you had before, there will be more glass and you’ll get a better view. Plus, your old windows may have fogged over or had other issues and the new windows will be squeaky clean and give you better views overall.

More Sight/Light Inside

When you have windows with more glass space, they’re going to bring in more natural light, which allows you to see your home’s interior better. Rooms with more light look more open and welcoming and they seem larger, even though nothing has changed at all other than the lighting. You will be able to see things you might want to change or things you didn’t think you liked, but actually adore.

Budget Savings

One of the best things you will see in your home once you get new windows is the savings you will have in your monthly budget. You’ll be able to tell right away that the windows are doing a great thing for your budget. The energy bills will be lower and that will allow you to save more money every month. You will be able to pay yourself back for the money you spent or start saving for another project or whatever else you want. That will show you just how worth it the whole process was.

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A New Sense Of Style

When your home looks nice, it gives you a new sense of style and even pride in your home. You want your home to look nice, but you may not always know what changes to make to accomplish those goals. Even if you got new windows so you could have more efficiency in the house, you can get the appearance changes at the same time.

It’s great to have a new outlook on your home after all these years and replacement windows in Clovis, CA can help you gain just that—and in lots of different ways! The professionals at Clovis Glass want to help you look at your home in a whole new, refreshed way. Whatever goals you have for the project become our goals and we will help you to accomplish those things within the budget you set for the process. We’re here to help and we want the best for your home once the installation is complete.

No one’s going to ask what they can do for their replacement windows in Clovis, CA, but everyone wants to know what their replacement windows will do for them, their family, and their home. That’s just the way this kind of investment works. Before you move forward with the options, it’s nice to know the ins and outs of what you will receive on the other end of the deal. Here are just a few of the things new windows will do for your household.

Save You Money On Energy Bills

Any time you can save money, it’s a good thing. You might not like the idea of wasting money and that’s what you’ve been doing with old windows leaking air. Your energy bills rise because you aren’t even using some of the cooled or heated air pumping into your house. It’s just leaking out, but you have to pay for it anyway. When you get new windows, they keep the air in and you are able to keep the energy bills down. That’s a beautiful thing that new windows can do for you.

Save You Time On Maintenance

There can’t be very many people in this world who actually enjoy painting and scraping windows. If you’re one of the many and not one of the few, you can save a lot of time on your windows by getting replacements—especially if you choose vinyl. Vinyl windows don’t even have to be painted and they’ll still look great. They’ll also keep the insulating qualities as the years go by, even if you don’t touch them.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Of course, you want a home that looks nice from the outside. But it can be hard to keep all of the details up as the years go by. One thing that will increase your home’s appearance by leaps and bounds is replacement windows. That new, fresh look can take an old, tired house and turn things around. Replacement windows also look great on the inside and do things like bring you more natural light and easier ventilation options. Not many other home improvement projects bring that much to the table on both sides of your home’s walls.

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Increase Your Home’s Value

Taking on a home improvement project has to be a balance. You want to invest in your house, but you want to know you are going to get that money back someday. When you work on new windows as your project, that’s just what will happen. The new windows go in and the value of your home goes up so you’ll get that money back someday when you sell—and little by little as you save on energy bills, too.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Clovis, CA, keep in mind that they are going to do a lot for you, your home, and your family. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you understand and look forward to just how much they will do.

While some people can believe what they hear about replacement windows in Fresno, CA, and move forward, others need to see the windows for themselves in order to believe the details they are hearing. There’s nothing wrong with taking more steps to see the windows yourself so you can guarantee that they are what you want for your home. Even if you don’t see the exact window you are getting, seeing features that are similar can really help you have confidence in what you are choosing for your house. Here are a few ways you can ‘see’ replacement windows.

Look At Window Company and Manufacturer Websites

One of the first places people look for details on new windows it window store websites. You can also take a look at individual manufacturers if you know what brand you want your windows to be. Take a look at the different styles, how they look opened and closed, and what colors they come in. You can look at the hardware, upgrade options, and anything else you want.

Homes With New Windows

If you know that other homes in your area have gotten new windows lately, there’s nothing wrong with driving by so you can see the windows in person. Often, as the windows go in, they will have manufacturer stickers on them so you will be able to tell what company the windows are from. If you want to see the windows closer, ring the doorbell and ask! Complimenting someone on their new windows is never a bad thing.

Window Showrooms

Probably the best place to go to see new windows up close and personal is a window showroom. There are experts on hand to give you details and answer your questions at all times. And you can open and close the windows, play with the locks, look at hardware and color options, and really get a feel for what the windows are like. There’s nothing like seeing the windows up close in this manner. And when you have professionals right there, you can ask any question that comes to mind as you play around with the choices.

replacement windows in Fresno, CA

You’ll want to do research on ratings labels and many other aspects of new windows, and you can do a lot of that on the computer at home. But sometimes, seeing the window options in person will be the only way you can believe in your choices as you move forward.

If you are getting ready for replacement windows in Fresno, CA and you have questions about the process and the options, the professionals at Clovis Glass are here to answer them. We can talk to you by phone or set up a free consultation when you are ready to invite us over to take a look at your home. You can then stop by our showroom and see the windows you are considering yourself so you can believe just what they will look like on your house.