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When you are looking for replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, you don’t look for windows that would be good just anywhere. You want windows that are good for your region—right here in California. There are qualities that are important for windows anywhere, but there are also certain qualities that you want here because of the area you live in. Here are some of the important qualities for new windows in your region.


Energy Efficiency


You want windows that are going to give you energy efficiency. While that’s true in any area, what you need to get efficiency in California is different than what you need to get that same efficiency in Minnesota or other regions. One great place to start is with the Energy Star labels. This independent company tests windows for efficiency. They only put their label on windows that meet basic requirements for efficiency. And, another good thing about that label, is that they will only put their label on windows that meet those requirements in that region. So windows that get the label in California may be different than windows that get the label in New York. So when you see that label on windows here, you’ll know they meet the requirements here. And then, you can compare the labels from there to see which are the best option for you.




There are many locations across the country where style and the appearance of the windows are important, but that is never more true than it is in California. You need your home to have a certain look in order to fit into your neighborhood. You want to be proud when you invite guests over and you want to be able to have a great curb appeal in the future if you want to sell your house. Style and appearance are important in your new windows.


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Low-E Coatings


This is something that perhaps not every home in California needs, but more do than don’t. Low-E coatings are invisible so you can see through them just find without blocking your view. But they work wonders in blocking the heat of the sun, which can be huge in California. If you want natural light, you can still have it, but the heat of the sun isn’t going to come through the windows with the light. It’s a great way to get more efficiency and more comfort while you enjoy natural light.


Sturdy Longevity


You are going to want windows that are strong and hold up well against the test of time. You also want windows that last for a long time since getting new windows isn’t something you want to have to do again any time soon.


When you need replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, consider your needs, but also the needs your home has because of where you live. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you merge those two areas so you end up with the best option for your home in this region.

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When you start looking into replacement windows in Madera, CA, there’s nothing really wrong with getting the exact same window for every room of your house. Standard windows are very good today and even those double pane windows that come as a standard are going to be way better for your home than old, leaky windows. But if you have extra time and you really want the best for your home, it’s a good idea to go room by room and address each room’s needs through the windows that room will get. As you start to think about it, you will recognize that the bathroom has many different needs than the kitchen. And the kitchen is way different than the basement and so on. Addressing each room with the windows it needs can help you meet goals in the whole house. Here are some examples.


The Bathroom


The bathroom’s highest priority is always going to be private so you will need to keep that in mind no matter what you get. You might also want natural light and many people like to have ventilation options as well. Depending on the current window situation, or what you want to add, you could get regular windows and just have the glass fogged or etched so you can have the light you want and the ventilation you need without allowing anyone to see in. You could also put a sliding window above the tub, high on the wall. No one can see in, but you can see the sky and get the light you want. Skylights also work well for bathrooms, though they don’t always provide ventilation.


The Kitchen


The kitchen doesn’t necessarily need the privacy you want in the bathroom, but you likely do want as much light as you can get and also ventilation options. Casement windows are best for ventilating if they work well in the kitchen and don’t swing out over a deck. They open from top to bottom and can bring the air into the home by catching. Casement is also the best for giving you the highest levels of natural lighting.


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The Basement


The basement is often one of the darkest areas of the house so you might want to put in as many windows as you can. For a walkout basement, you can put in some large, picture windows to let the light in. For a regular basement, consider awning windows that sit high on the wall. Even when it rains, you can open them and the rain won’t fall through into space.


There are many other rooms in your house and they all have different needs. When you get windows to suit those needs, you are going to be a lot happier with the replacement windows in Madera, CA as a whole. No matter what you want, or even if you don’t know what that is yet, the professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you work through the project in a step by step manner.

When you get replacement windows in Sanger, CA for your house, it’s important to get just the right aesthetic for your home. The color you choose for your window’s frames is one of the biggest decisions you will make for appearance. It will show a great deal on the exterior and also the interior. Plus, if you get vinyl windows (which most people do), the color you choose will be on your home’s windows for as long as the windows are there. That will likely be decades. Here are a few options to help you start thinking about window colors.


The Classic White


White is the most popular window color on the market. It used to be the only color that vinyl windows came in. While that’s not the case today, it is still the most popular. White is a classic color that never goes out of style. That is partly what makes it so popular. The other element is that it goes with any other color. You can put white with whatever is on your house now and if you paint your home another color in the future, white will still look nice with it.


The Contrasting Black


After white, black is the most popular window color. Black is another classic that just doesn’t go out of style. It looks good with any light color and will also look good in the future if you paint another light tone. The great thing about black is the contrast it gives to your home. It can really make the fresh, new windows stand out against the house as something new and exciting. If you like that contrasting look, consider black.


The Matching Tone


Some people like to have their house in a streamlined, blended look. That means the windows might be nice if they were the same color as the house. You can get the same color and the windows will blend right into the exterior, giving the home a cohesive look. The only trouble is if you paint in the future, you have to make sure you do the same color or something else that will look nice with that window color.


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A Darker Or Lighter House Tone


If you like the idea of a contrast, but you aren’t sure about black, consider getting your house’s color in a darker or lighter tone. You can get a dark brown for a tan house or a light gray for a dark gray house. You get a nice contrast, but also a cohesive color appeal.


It’s hard to decide what you want to do in many areas of this project, but the colors you choose for your replacement windows in Sanger, CA are highly important for the overall look of the project, and the entire house. The professionals at Clovis Glass urge you to take your time with the choice and we will send you home with any samples you want. Look at the samples in the light of your home many times during the day.

When your home is growing older by the day, and it shows because you have decaying old windows in place, it’s time to get replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA. The list of benefits you will get from this project is a mile long, or nearly, at least. But when you take note of at least the biggest benefits, you will be ready to take the project on—and excited about the results you will get. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of new window installation:


Energy Efficiency


One of the reasons you probably decided to get new windows was because your old windows were so inefficient. Older windows tend to leak air and that causes you to lose a lot of the air you are trying to heat or cool inside. Efficiency comes when the home is sealed up nicely and that air stays inside.


Lower Bills


Because of the energy efficiency your home has once the new windows are installed, you will have lower energy bills. Your HVAC won’t have to work as hard, or for as long, when you have windows that keep the air in. The outside air stays out, too. You use less energy and that means you pay for less energy. It’s a great way to start paying yourself back for the investment you made in the windows, or to save for other projects your home might need.


Higher Comfort


When you have efficiency in your home, you are going to notice that the temperatures are a lot easier to regulate. When you set the thermostat at a certain temperature, the home reaches that point and holds steady. Every room feels the same, comfortable at last.


Curb Appeal


When your home has new windows, it’s going to have a fresh, new look on it from the outside (as well as the inside). When someone sees your house, they are going to see something that looks a lot nicer inside. The whole house will look more upkeep and pleasant because of the new windows.

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Higher Home Value


IF you plan to sell your home in the future, even if that is a way down the road, you will likely get a much higher price for it than you would have with the old windows. Plus, your home looks nicer and will attract more buyers. The low energy bills will entice them even further. You will likely sell for a higher price, and faster, when you have new windows in place.


If you are interested in replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, these are a few of the biggest benefits you will get from having them installed. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you know what you want for your house or not, the experts are there with advice and options. Let us in on your budget constraints and you can be assured that we will help you stay within those parameters to make the process easier.

If you get a pair of jeans that don’t fit quite right, you take them back to the store. If you realize that you got the wrong brand of cereal on your trip to the store, you return it and get what you really wanted. Sometimes, things are just that simple. But when you get replacement windows in Madera, CA, you can’t just yank them out and take them back. However, if you make mistakes in the planning process, that might be what you want to do. Here are a few reasons why you might want to return your new windows, even if you can’t.


Unprofessional Installation


The biggest reason people want to take their new windows back is usually due to a bad installation job. This is really easy to prevent. You just hire true professionals to install the windows and the job will be done right. The windows will perform as promised and you don’t have to worry about having performance issues or air leaks on brand new windows. If you hire just anyone or try and do the job yourself, you might not like the results. And you might blame the windows. Really, it’s the installation and not the windows, but you can’t return the windows, anyway. You might have to have a professional come back and fix the shoddy job that was done on the installation.


The Color Doesn’t Look Good


There are also lots of ways to prevent this from happening, but if you install new windows and the color doesn’t jive with your home, you are going to be very unhappy. It’s in your best interest to think over the colors with great care. Most people like to take samples home and it’s a good idea to look at the colors in the natural light around your home at various times of the day. You want to be confident about the color you choose before you move forward. On vinyl windows, you can’t change it and you will be stuck with that color for decades. The key to avoiding a bad color is finding the right color ahead of time. Classics like white and black are always safe, of course.

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The Window Replacement Company Was Right


The professionals are happy to come through your home and help you with recommendations on a variety of things. They might tell you that casement windows might get in the way as they swing out over the deck. If you don’t listen, you might regret it later when you recognize that the functionality isn’t there. As the homeowner, you get to make the choices, but listening to sage advice is a good idea.


When you are ready for replacement windows in Madera, CA, there are certain mistakes you can make, but you can also avoid them by taking your time, working with the window professionals, and thinking ahead into the future. The experts at Clovis Glass are here to help you with the process from start to finish.

Getting replacement windows in Sanger, CA isn’t something you have to do very often. In fact, it’s not something you have likely ever done before. Most homeowners only have to go through the process once in their lifetime so when that time rolls around for you, it’s best to get things done just the right way. You know it’s a large investment and it’s something that’s going to last on your house for decades. Rather than have regrets later, you will want to have confidence that you are making the right choices. Here are a few ways to feel good about the project as you move through the steps.


Choose Reputable Professionals


One of the first, and biggest, things you will want to do is choose professionals to help you through the project. Before you jump in with the first window company you find. It’s a good idea to look at history and experience. You want a window company with a good reputation in your community and a proven track record. You will be able to trust their advice and that will take you a long way down the right path.


Set Up A Budget


It can be fun to look at some of the best windows on the market, but if you can’t afford them, there’s really no reason to tease yourself with those options. It’s smart to set up a budget for yourself with a price range you are comfortable with so you feel good about moving forward on certain windows when you find a good match. You want to know that you can afford those windows in order to feel good about getting them.


Take Your Time With Decisions


There are going to be a lot of decisions to make, both large and small, and it is in your best interest to take your time with them. If you choose wood windows without really thinking about it, you might regret the amount of maintenance they take later. Think through each choice long enough that you are sure about going that way and aren’t going to be surprised by something later that could make you regret the choice you made.

Listen To Your House


Matching your windows to your home and its specific challenges will help you get just what you need in the end. Not every home has the same challenges and letting your home speak about its issues will help you ensure that you get the right windows. If your home gets really hot, for example, because it gets a lot of sunlight, getting low-E glass can block that heat, but still, let the sun in. Match your home to windows and upgrades based on its needs and you won’t be sorry with the results.


When you are getting replacement windows in Sanger, CA, you want to be sure that before you drop a large amount on the project that you are going to love the finished project. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you have that confidence.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, it would be nice to go to the window store and know exactly what new windows are going to cost you. But as you walk around the store, you are going to notice that some windows cost X amount and some windows cost Y. Why is that? There are plenty of cost differences and reasons behind them. What you will want to do is figure out what your budget is and then find windows that match your goals and what you can afford to spend. But here are a few things that make the windows cost different amounts.




One of the things that will impact the bottom line is the upgrades on the windows. Standard windows are going to cost the least. These windows come with double pane glass and they are very high ion quality. They have air between the panes of glass and they are technologically advanced. But if you want windows that can do even more for your house than the standards, they are going to cost more. If you want triple pane glass instead of double pane, that’s an added charge. If you want inert gas between the panes instead of air, that’s another upgrade. Anything you add to the windows will increase the price, but also the efficiency.




You may notice that one window brand costs more than another and you might assume that those windows are higher in quality. Don’t assume that because it could be because of aesthetics. If you want to spend money on quality, don’t automatically buy the windows that cost the most. That doesn’t mean they are the best windows. It might mean that they have fancy aesthetics added on and if you don’t get the performance you want, you will be disappointed. The appearance will make a difference in the price so check labels to denote quality.

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Material And Style


Window materials on the frames cost a variety of amounts. Vinyl is the least expensive and while wood is lovely, it costs more and takes more maintenance. If you are looking at the same window, but one is wood and the other vinyl, the vinyl will cost less, but give you as much (if not more) value. The style of the window also will help determine the cost. Casement windows are generally the least expensive operating window.


There are lots of things to watch for and move around as you look at replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, and want to find something that suits your needs and your price guide. If you have certain things in mind, let the professionals at Clovis Glass know so we can guide you in the right direction. We are here to help you work side by side with your budget so you don’t end up choosing windows you just can’t afford in the end. We also want to ensure that you get the quality you deserve for your home.

When your home has old windows, you know that replacement windows in Madera, CA are on the horizon. You want the best for your family, especially for any children that live there. If you have a baby or plan to have one in the future, you will want to pay close attention to the windows you replace in their room. Here are a few things to consider as you look into the details of this room of the house.




Babies can get hot and cold very easily and you want your little one to be comfortable in their own room and in their own bed. That way, with any luck, you can get some sleep, too. It’s important to get high-quality windows with energy efficient properties. Most windows from reputable stores today are very good in quality, even those that are standard. Standard windows come with double pane glass and technological advancements that can help with comfort. There are also upgrades to consider for efficiency purposes.




While your baby won’t be getting to the windows right away, you do want to think about their safety for the future as well. If the baby’s room is on the second floor, you might want to steer away from casement windows. They swing out and open fully. A curious child might push on the screen and topple out. Instead, consider double hung windows. These windows open from bottom to top and top to bottom. You can open the top part for ventilation and leave the bottom part closed so no curious child will be in danger of a big fall.




Babies often nap during the day and you don’t want anything to startle the little darling awake once you finally get them to sleep. Consider triple pane glass to further insulate the room from outside. The extra pane of glass will also give further efficiency and increase comfort levels as well as block outside noise from getting in.

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Window Coverings


Once you choose windows, you will want to think about window coverings for the baby’s room with care as well. You might want room darkening shades to make it easier for them to nap during the day and to go to sleep at night, even if it is still light out. It’s nice to be able to pull those coverings back, though, and let in natural light during the day, too, for fun and playtime.


There are lots of things to think about when you get replacement windows in Madera, CA, and it’s often wise to work through the house on a room by room basis so you can meet the needs in every room of the house. Your bedroom might have different needs than a baby’s room and both of those rooms have different needs than a kitchen or bathroom. Meeting each room with exact needs will help you to get the results you want throughout the house. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you figure out each room’s details.

Getting replacement windows in Sanger, CA is an investment and the last thing you want to have happened is to spend a bunch of money only to later realize that the windows you chose were subpar in the quality department. You want quality windows so they will last a long time, give you the efficiency you want, and help you to change your home for the better in a variety of ways. But most homeowners haven’t gotten new windows before, so how are you to know what’s quality and what’s not? Here are some tips to help you move in the right, high-quality direction.


Tip 1: Work With Reputable Window Companies


You can find windows in lots of different locations. You can get them at big box stores. You can buy them online. Or, you can do the smart thing and work with a reputable window company. When you find a replacement window company with lots of experience and a solid history and background, you know they are going to deal with quality windows. They have lots of happy customers and they can provide you with references. They also have full insurance, licensing, and guarantees. That’s the type of company you want to work with because that’s the type of company you can get quality windows from.


Tip 2: Know Your Ratings Labels


You can get windows from a variety of locations—as long as you know what you are going in the quality department. It’s best to do some research on the ratings labels and really know what they mean. That way, when you read a label, you will be able to tell a good window apart from a not so good window. It’s best to know what the ratings mean, even if you are comparing two quality windows. That way, you can get the best window you can afford. There are some ratings that are going to show quality and others that show quality in certain areas that might be good for your home. Know them all and you’re off to a good start.


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Tip 3: Know The Manufacturer


Outside of the windows, there are the manufacturers or the people who make the windows. There might be a certain name that you know and trust because you’ve had it before, or maybe you want something new. Check into area manufacturers and research their windows. Does one have a better reputation than another? Is one popular in your area for a certain reason? Find windows from the manufacturer you find to be the highest in quality.


When you are looking at replacement windows in Sanger, CA, you get nothing but quality choices with Clovis Glass. All of our windows are high in quality so you really can’t go wrong. The goal is to find the windows that suit your home’s needs and your budget the best. We’re happy to help with that process and any questions you have along the way. Call for a free consultation.

While it would be pretty disturbing if your replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA started to talk to you, they do say things in their own, more silent way. New windows are going to speak about you, the way you maintain your home, and the overall style of the house, among other things. Here are a few things they might say.


This Homeowner Takes Care Of Their Home


You don’t want your home to look like it’s falling apart. You don’t want family or neighbors or potential buyers in the future to think that you don’t maintain your home well. If you have old, sagging, warped windows in place, that’s what they might think. But when you get window replacement done, everyone will know you care about your home and you want to maintain it well.


The House You See Has Nice, Low Energy Bills


It’s hard to tell how much energy a house uses just by looking at the house, but when you see new windows on a house, you know that the home has low bills. The house is sealed up and there aren’t air leaks around the windows. That means the bills are going to be much lower than they would have otherwise. If you are going to buy a house, seeing new windows will tell you a lot about what you can expect to pay on energy bills.


This House Has A Fresh Look


Even a house that is on the older side can have a fresh look to it that gives it a style that stands out. Older homes with older windows can very well look, well, old. But older homes with updates and maintenance over the years still have their old-world feel, but with a fresh look attached as well. Things are going to wear out on a home, and you can get styles that fit into older homes but also maintain them in a way that brings them around to the present.


This Homeowner Works Smart


There are lots of flashy projects you could take on that make your home look better or different in many ways. But when you get window replacement done, you can also get energy efficiency, more natural light, and lots of other things. You make home improvement projects come together to work for you in a variety of ways. That’s just plain smart.

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When you are working towards getting replacement windows in Shaver Lake, CA, you look forward to having the benefits that the new windows will bring to your home. But they will also say a lot about your house and even about you. The professionals at Clovis Glass are here to help you figure out what you want your windows to say and how you can find the right windows to say those things. If you’d like to get started down the right path, give us a call for a free consultation. We can give you the answers you need and then help you get the windows when you are ready.